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The Yoga Shala at Involution

Involution instructors are certified by Yoga Alliance to provide excellent continuing education for practicioners on their learning journey. 

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Our program can provide a life changing experience and deep, personal transformation for you whether you want to expand your yoga practice or aspire to teach by utilizing the fundamentals of Classical Yoga principles and philosophy.

200 Hour YTT

300 Hour YTT

Included in the training is the exploration of meditation using ancient spiritual and modern quantum science techniques, yoga philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, anatomy, alignment, asana, adjustments, pranayama, chakras, granthis and nadis, sound healing, mantra, and chanting, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, teaching themed classes and workshops, principles of ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, and yoga nidra, and teaching tools for special populations such as those with arthritis, osteoporosis and pregnant women. 


Free Yoga

The Yoga Shala at Involution is a place for lifelong learning, practice development and continuing education.

It is an opportunity to recall what we have forgotten about yoga, refresh our understanding and gain new insights.

Most importantly, the Shala is a place for increasing our experiential knowledge, improving our practice and enhancing the quality of our lives.

The Shala believes that it is through repeated learning and relearning that abiding experiential knowledge is gained. Each repetition uncovers a new layer of meaning and leads to fresh insights. Each repetition is a new experience.

Mudra Meditation
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