Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors have been selected to be consistent with the teaching  philosophy of Involution Yoga & Wellness: personalized instruction based on specialized training and extensive experience. Each teacher focuses on serving specific communities in ways that best suit that population. This focus is informed by personal life experience in using the science of yoga to overcome affliction and stress, all reinforced by daily practice.

Kate Fitzgerald

Owner, Instructor

Kate started practicing yoga over 24 years ago. Her first yoga experience was transformational, as the thoughts in her mind came to a complete stop for hours after class. Having experienced the power of yoga, she began her inquiry into the foundational spiritual and philosophical teachings and lineages. Her  first Yoga teacher training in 2006 with Susan Hammodock of Silver Lotus Training Institute helped her gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy and psychology of yoga. Kate also received her 500 hour training in Ashtanga Yoga and has completed Tim Millers’s primary and second series training. Her background in anatomy allows her to teach her students how to move to relieve pain and improve overall health.


Through her personal practice of the Ashtanga yoga, she has experienced the beautiful intertwining of the Ashtanga Yoga System as taught by Pattabhi Jois and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali  on which the Ashtanga system is based. Through her 12 years of ashtanga practice, Kate has internalized the power of this system, that it is not a one size fits all. She loves teaching Ashtanga yoga through the Mysore style of guided self practices because she can teach individually adapting the practice to the unique needs of the students.

Hellen Timmons

Yoga Instructor

Helen’s greatest joy comes from sharing her love of yoga and wellness with all her students, both adults and the Middle and High school students she teaches. She is currently working towards her RYT 300 and holds an RYT 200, she is an ardent student- taking workshops and trainings to enhance her vinyasa and strength and relaxation classes. She has practiced for almost a decade and incorporates asana and daily meditation in her own personal practice. Her love of life and the practice shines through in her lively and engaging classes.

Hiba Stancofski

Yoga Instructor

Hiba had been practicing yoga for over 15 years. In 2014, after her personal realization of the mental and physical benefits of yoga, she received her 200 YTT certification in vinyasa style. With a desire to serve unique populations with the community. She received certification from the Kripalu Center in Yoga for Cancer, Mindfulness training in 2016 through Mindful Schools and yoga for depression and anxiety through LifeForce Yoga. She is currently enrolled in the 300 YTT at Involution Yoga. With over 5 years of experience, Hiba enjoys teaching regularly for the Cancer Support Community, Involution Yoga, as well as her seasonal classes with a variety of Cape High School athletic teams.

Samantha Buford

Yoga Instructor

Samantha is an RYT 200, who received her initial training through Involution Yoga Studio in 2014; she subsequently trained with Tim Miller in Carlsbad, California, earning her 100 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga.  She is also trained in LifeForce Yoga, and takes various workshops including those with Kate Fitzgerald, Michelle Dorer, and Taylor Hunt.  Sam has been practicing yoga for over two decades and committed to study of the whole practice in 2010.  She is a teacher of yoga and English. Sam wholeheartedly believes in service work; including creating a Yoga Club for 6-8th grade students and volunteers her time to teach with various organizations and sports clubs, she also incorporates yoga and mindfulness in her eighth grade ELA classes.  She feels that the practitioners should honor their bodies and encourages self-awareness; Samantha feels that practice should be approached as one size does not fit all.

Terilyn Cecil

Yoga Instructor

Teri began her exploration and practice of yoga 15 years ago as a way to manage stress. She was introduced to Ashtanga Mysore style at Involution Yoga after moving to the Lewes area in 2014. The Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method changed her life in unimaginable ways. Teri is grateful to witness the continual ways in which this practice has change her body and life. In 2018 she received her 200 hour yoga certification to deepen her own practice. Teri is excited to share her knowledge and experimental learning with others, particularly with those suffering from addiction and abuse.

Barbara Spears

Yoga Instructor

Barbara has over 20 years of yoga teaching experience sharing her passion with gratitude to her teachers and students. Her trainings include certifications in Anusara Yoga, Svadhyaya Yoga

(Study of the Self), Yin Yoga, Life Force Yoga, Yoga Nidra and with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. She teaches Chakra Energy Workshops, Meditation Retreats and co-leads Yoga Alliance approved  200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at Involution.  Nurturing classes support her students’ journey to practice yoga from within to join body, mind and spirit for wellness, happiness and peace. For her yoga is a life practice that supports her love of music, art and joy for life. 

Stacey Chandler

Yoga Instructor

Stacey Chandler is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor, Ayurvedic and EFT practitioner who specializes in Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga Psychology, Depth Psychology, and Shadow Work. Stacey is a yoga practitioner who has recovered from depression and anxiety through utilizing  holistic remedies such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and EFT. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and the gifts she has received through yoga to help others who are suffering. In addition to her yoga teacher training in Shiva Rea's Prana Vinyasa program where the embodiment of the practice is based on the roots of yoga, the art and science of movement and wellness for vitality and the deep honoring of our sacred earth,  she has also completed advanced Yoga Psychology study with Ashley Turner.  She is a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and as an Ayurvedic  practitioner has spent years in disciplined and sacred study in the ancient holistic healing science of Ayurveda. Her studies also include LifeForce yoga, depth psychology, meditation and neuroscience.

Joyce Kendall

Yoga Instructor

Joyce's personal yoga practice began over 25 years ago. In 2003 she became a Registered Yoga Instructor and completed training as a registered Anusara-Inspired® instructor. She opened Earth Heart Yoga studio and, as an E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor, she graduated over 40 certified instructors. Joyce completed Body Balance Yoga® Therapy Certification program in 2006, further inspiring her deep understanding of the body and how to incorporate anatomy, therapy and yoga into a cohesive supportive practice. She especially enjoys working one on one in the context of therapeutic yoga with a strong interest in rehabilitation and working with individual limitations. In 20016 Joyce completed her 8-year Sada Shivacharya training with Paul Muller-Ortega, becoming one of the first Authorized Instructors of Neelakantha Meditation, a profoundly effective and easy meditation practice. Yoga and Meditation has played a large part in Joyce's personal recovery from chronic Lyme. 

Barbara Dar

Yoga Instructor

Barbara did her yoga teacher training at Yoga District (Washington D.C.) which emphasizes the Dharma yoga tradition (as brought to the U.S. and other western countries by Sri Dharma Mittra).  While Dharma Yoga incorporates a significant amount of physical asanas (particularly backbends and inversions) and pranayama, its yogic approach primarily focuses on the practice of devotion and service. Around 2005, Barbara began to explore yoga and encountered a large variety of styles of yoga.  Eventually, the Ashtanga yoga method became her preferred personal practice, although she continues to teach and explore other traditions.   On her own time, however, she follows the self-practice tradition of Ashtanga in a Mysore setting. After retiring early from a career as a government lawyer, Barbara and her husband moved to Rehoboth. In summer, she is at the beach as often as possible.  In other seasons, she tries to chase summer via travel.

Liz King

Yoga Instructor

Liz brings her passion for and commitment to honoring the inner wisdom of the body, both on and off the mat. Drawing from her experience in yoga therapy, Reiki and Somatic Experiencing®, her classes focus on mindful and curious exploration of asana and how it can be a tool for self-regulation and restoration of overall health and well-being.