Wellness Coaching

What is a wellness coach?

A wellness coach is a guide who aims to empower clients to take responsibility for their own health and support them to make positive lasting lifestyle and behavior changes that will help them to attain their personal wellness goals.


What can coaching help with?

  • relationship with food

  • energy

  • stress management

  • self care

  • weight management

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Meet Our Coaches

Making lifestyle and health changes can be difficult. Our coaches are trained to help you articulate the imbalances in your life, design a customized plan to address the issues, and support you through the process of growing.


Kate Fitzgerald

Owner, Wellness Coach

Kate is trained in Nutritional Coaching and Meditation, Massage and Yoga. In 2016 Kate received certification as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has been studying meditation for self-healing and working to understand the science behind meditation with Dr. Joe Dispense since 2014. She continues annual advanced trainings with Dr. Dispense. The knowledge gained from Kate's 20 years of study and practice in holistic approaches allows her to assist clients/students with gaining insight into their own unique experience and learning to create optimal health through a variety of self care practices.

Terilyn Cecil

Wellness Coach

Teri became a certified life coach in 2019. The training gave her the permission and the courage to take a deeper look within to heal her past traumas. Teri continues to take workshops and classes to enhance her knowledge and give her the tools to better assist her clients. We can not avoid the problems that arise in life, but with the proper tools and support we can work through them without avoidance to become stronger. Teri assist her clients in breaking the patterns of limiting belief systems to create more joy in their lives.