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Yoga Class Styles

Strength and Relaxation

Strength and Relaxation is our foundational class. It is for everyone. It is the basis for building a physical and breath practices. It strengthens and calms.The class begins with centering. It proceeds to physical postures which are held to allow the body to settle and the muscles to strengthen, while making the breath calm and even. It ends with deep relaxation. 

Mind-Body Yoga

Enjoy a combination of gentle yoga postures and stretching to ease the body and mind; blended with a focus on the full scope of a cohesive yogic practice. These include pranayama, meditation and key aspects of a non-dual yoga philosophy that support your overall practice and will be intermingled with the āsana practice. Each class will differ slightly in what additional aspects of a yoga practice are introduced.

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Gentle Vinyasa

Build strength and flexibility by blending postures with breath in a gentle flowing sequence that energizes the body and relaxes the mind.

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Mysore (named after a city in India) is a self-paced class allowing students to practice instructed poses at their own pace. This is the traditional way in which Ashtanga Yoga is taught. It is self paced, meaning new students receive more individual instruction and, as you become familiar with the practice, you are allowed more independence, getting adjustments and assistance only as needed. Learn more about Ashtanga Mysore style here

Gentle Ashtanga

This style is a slower and more limited version of the full traditional sequence. It consists of a mild warm up followed by standing and seated postures and ending with the traditional closing sequence. Gentle Ashtanga builds a strong core from which one can transition into new postures, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced. Learn more about Ashtanga Mysore style here

Ashtanga Led 1/2 Primary

The fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga are taught, which include Ujjayi Pranayama, Drishtis (gaze), and Bandhas (locks). Students are led through the first half of the Primary Series, known as Yoga Chikitsa or Yoga therapy. This sequences is designed to detoxify the body by producing a purifying sweat leaving you feeling light, strong, and with a steadied mind. Learn more about Ashtanga Mysore style here

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Ashtanga Styles

 Intro to Yoga Special 

This special includes one 60 minute private yoga session and a 30 day unlimited yoga pass.

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