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The Yoga Shala

  The Yoga Shala at Involution is a place for lifelong learning, practice development and continuing education.It is an opportunity to recall what we have forgotten about yoga, refresh our understanding and gain new insights.

Most importantly, the Shala is a place for increasing our experiential knowledge, improving our practice and enhancing our lives.

The Shala believes that it is through repeated learning and relearning that abiding experiential knowledge is gained. Each repetition uncovers a new layer of meaning and leads to fresh insights. Each repetition is a new experience.


The Learning Ladder from Involution Yoga

The learning ladder is designed for students who seek to systematically yet conveniently gain knowledge about a particular aspect of yoga or wellness and ,in concert, steadily develop their practice. Each rung of the ladder supports the next rung. As the student ascends there is a parallel progression in both the foundational knowledge and in the beneficial practice. 


Beginner One: Workshop, typically 75 to 90 minutes to introduce both theory and practice


Beginner Two: A 2 to 4-week short course, consisting of 4 classes of two hours each


Intermediate One: A long course spread over 90 days, consisting of 8 classes of two hours each

Intermediate Two: This is a complete Learning module. The module is spread over 30 weeks, consisting of 15 sessions, each two hours


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


300-hour Yoga Teacher Training​


Upcoming Shala Offerings



Chakra Energy Balancing

with Barbara Spears

Wednesday April 7th 


Cost $60, $50 auto-pay members

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