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 Wellness Package

Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life depends on addressing and reducing life imbalances.

The wellness package combines three methods, in an integrated service, to improve health and wellbeing.

Wellness Package

10 One Hour Sessions - $800

Combine any 2 or 3

  • Private Yoga

  • Massage Therapy

  • Health Consulting

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Healing Imbalances

The Wellness 10 pack combines three methods, in an integrated service, to reduce imbalances that disrupt the natural physical, emotional and mental rhythms of a person. These imbalances manifest in various ways such as persistent pain, limited range of motion, inflammation, low energy, reduced stamina, difficulty concentrating, and impaired immune, nervous and digestive systems


The benefits of massage and private yoga are obvious. Combining the two reinforces and enlarges the benefits from either service. There is an even greater sustained improvement in wellness when, in addition to yoga and massage, there is consulting and guidance on positive and attainable lifestyle and diet modifications . 



Elderly Couple Practising Yoga
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