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Yoga instructor walking in meditation circle on beach.


Yoga & Wellness

Your path to harmony and inner balance

Our Offerings

Group yoga class in child's pose

Our Story

Involution Yoga was founded in 2012 with our community in mind. Our goal is  to create a safe and supportive environment for our students to begin the process of self healing and self empowerment through the practice of yoga and meditation.

We help students address life imbalances through personalized physical and inner practices. Specialized training and extensive experience provide the foundation of knowledge for meaningful yogic instruction, wellness consulting and bodywork. 

Large teacher training yoga class meditating in lotus pose
Massage therapist applying pressure with both hands to client's upper back
A wellness coach client with hands folded peacefully across chest


At Involution Yoga we emphasize adapting the practice to fit the student,
instead of the student fitting the practice. 


Involution is the process of going within to attain balance and harmony and is based on the teachings of the  yoga sutras of Patanjali. 

Massage Therapy 

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, we uniquely blend various modalities in each session to address the present needs of the client.


We offer various styles of bodywork that encourage self-healing and energy renewal.

Health Consulting

Making lifestyle and health changes can be difficult. Our trained coaches help you to articulate the imbalances in your life, design a customized plan to address the issues, and support you through the process of growing.

Let us support you on your inner and outer journey.

Gift Certificates

Share the gift of wellness with a loved one. Gift certificates are available in-store or online

Upcoming Events

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1632  Savannah Rd, Suite 7, Lewes, Delaware

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