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Involution COVID-19 Health Policy

The health and safety of our community is our top priority, and we seek your assistance in these unprecedented times. Involution Yoga has been and will continually and thoroughly clean and disinfect all corners of the studio as classes resume. We ask that you take charge of your own health and wellness inside our studio. We look forward to continuing to provide a safe and healthy yoga environment to our beloved yoga community. We believe yoga is a safe and wonderful way to stay healthy. We hope that you will continue your yoga practice with us, keeping our yoga community thriving and strong. 


1. STAY HOME If you exhibit symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties or an elevated temperature, please stay home! Keep our community safe. Instructors will be screened and monitored daily. 


2. SURFACES: To keep our studio germ-free, we will be cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, floors, and often-touched areas. We will open windows weather permitting. We are implementing a strict cleaning procedure and will be cleaning/sanitizing all touch surfaces after each class and thus must allow more time between classes. We ask that you wash your hands before and after class. 


3. SANITIZATION: We will provide hand sanitizer at the front desk.  The instructor can give you a spritz, but please do not handle the sanitizer bottle yourself. 


4. BELONGINGS & PROPS:  We will be limiting the use of props, and, for now,  studio blankets and yoga mats are off limits. Please bring only what you need to the studio, including your own mat and props. Blocks are available as needed since these more easily disinfected.  At the end of class, the instructor will gladly spritz your mat with disinfectant and offer paper towels. We ask that you remove and leave your shoes in the hallway before entering the lobby.  Cubbies are available to store your valuables. 


5. REGISTRATION: We ask that students sign up for class in advance via our website. This is to protect students as well as the staff when processing check in.  Drop-ins, while permitted, will be at your own risk due to limited class size.


6. CLASS SIZE: in-studio classes will be limited to 8 students as per Delaware’s directives on distancing and given our small studio. If you register for a class, you may cancel up to 12 hours in advance. Any no shows or last minute cancellations will be charged the full amount of the class (autopay will be charged $16). No refunds or credits.


7. MASKS: You must wear your mask as you enter the reception area and studio until you begin the practice. Once class begins and you are on your mat, you may remove your mask to prevent reduced oxygen intake. If you leave your mat during class (bathroom, lobby, forgot something in car, etc) you must wear your mask. Instructors will wear masks until they begin teaching and take them off on their mats.


8. PLACEMENT OF MATS: Safe distancing practices are in effect Our floor is marked off to ensure that mats are placed the recommended distance apart . Please keep your mat within the taped lines. 


9. BATHROOMS: We recommend using the bathroom before you come to the studio.  Please remember that our instructors are now pulling double duty as a constant cleaning crew. Bathroom will be open and maintained but use at your own risk and help us in making this space as touch free and safe as possible. 


10. LOST/LEFT BEHIND ARTICLES: Involution Yoga is not responsible for any personal items left behind at the studio. They will be disposed of same day.


11. LIABILITY WAIVER: All students must sign a new liability waiver.

Kate Fitzgerald

Involution Yoga Studio Owner

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